About Me

There came a time in my life when I said, "I just can't sit here any longer. I need to DO something about it." And so I did.

I look back on all the things I've done, the people I've met, and the paths I've chosen that led me to this place.

I was an orphan.
I was adopted when I was a baby.
I grew up in a town where no one looked like me, not even my parents.
I write on my medical forms, "family history unknown."
I finally have children of my own and when I look into their faces and I vaguely see my own features smiling back.
My children, they make me want to leave this earth a little better for them than I found it. 
They make me want to stand up for what I believe in.

I've never met a blood relative.
My husband was the first, and is the only, Asian-American I ever dated.
I have finally met a Korean-American community.
They expect me to be of their culture.
I am American.

I learned early from my father to be bold, to work hard, and to give away freely your time and talent to the community.
To those who need it more.
I learned early that being different is hard. Really hard.
I learned looks can be deceiving as I swallowed comments like, "what language do you speak?"...English.
I learned later that Jesus is good. And I learned His love and grace are what lift my soul.
I was elected a student government officer.

I felt His hand tell me I am meant to give back.
I am meant to help others in need.

I studied political science in college.
I worked for a political action group in Washington D.C.
I volunteered teaching inner city adults basic computer skills and literacy skills.
I worked for other non-profit organizations, each one working to help people and lift up the voices of many.

Later I went to business school, and got married and started a family.
Caring for babies leaves you bits of time.
I longed to have something for me. I didn't know what.
I turned my energies to creating, crafting, knitting and sewing.
I did a little of everything. And a lot of nothing.
I ended up with a lot of works in progress, open ended blogs, and messes on the dining room table.
My heart still felt lost.

I prayed hard, and asked Jesus to tell me which path I am to take.
I prayed hard and asked for courage to take the first step.
I prayed for love and compassion and the strength to move, to do, and to act.
And He answered me.

I found my voice to write this blog.
Its about crafting, knitting and sewing.
Its about giving back.
I found my first charity campaign.
I am donating my creativity.
I am giving back.

I write about giving time and talent to worthy causes. I write about Jesus. I write about my thoughts about charitable giving. And I write about my fears, triumphs, hates and loves. I write about life. Inspiration. And hope. Thank you for reading.

~Abbie Park

email: abbieipark (at) gmail (dot) com
mail: Abbie Park, P.O. Box 11904, Burke, VA 20009
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