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I love crafting, sewing, knitting, cooking, and creating by hand. Give me some material, ask me to add my time and talent, and I'll transform it into something better.

It is an interesting bit that I don't usually create things for myself. Perhaps it has something to do with how I feel about my self worth, but that might be a topic for another day. I like to give what I create to others, who can wear it, taste it, hang it, use it, and enjoy it. Many times my intended recipients are people I know and care about. Other times I choose to give to someone I don't know...but still care about.

I feel God calls us to use our talents and the little time we have here on earth to share love with and inspire hope in others. Since I already have my Christmas list drawn up in August, (and have really be planning and working on gifts since last Christmas) I need a place to remember the opportunities out there to give to others. This isn't a comprehensive list. This isn't an up-to-date list (though I hope to update it.) It is a list from the heart. It is a list for me, and for you if you are reading, to remind me the work of my hands matter and there are always souls in need of a small bit of hand-made beauty I can gift to them.


A place to post all kinds of causes in need of hand knits and crocheted items
Not seasonal
Variety of interests, locations
Love Ravelry, will have to peruse this space a bit more.

Period of Purple Crying - 

My eyes opened a little bit wider when I saw the video of Dr. Ronald Barr's video about the period of purple crying. I thought Little Miss was just a colicky difficult baby. I thought because she was a premie that she was going to have more sensory issues and be more fussy. I didn't realize that her incessant crying was just a developmental milestone and, that although her's maybe was a bit more severe than most, all babies go through this phase in the first few months of life. The National Center on Shaken Baby Syndrome gives a great explanation of Purple Crying. This Ravelry link has more information about how to knit hats for infants and how to teach other new parents about Purple Crying. (Currently 8-2012 there is no open campaign in NoVA.)

I found, via Facebook, this organization: Has lots of information about different charities out there, free patterns for a variety of items, and lots of encouragement for the knitter wanting to donate his or her time to a good cause. They post national and local campaigns, and they get the word out year round. No seasonality here. (Just like knitting my cashmere wrap in the damp 103 degree Virginian heat of August.) The sites they link to are not always contact the organizer before sending off your hard earned work.


I am a seamstress really. Though I love other fiber arts my first and true love is sewing. My mother taught me how to sew when I was 8 or there about. I remember it was a pair of white knit shorts with navy blue dots was my first accomplishment. And somehow I've been afraid of knits ever since. (I am working on this now going through a wonderful, how to design your own clothes book. Sewing therapy is hard isn't it? *wink*)

8-14-12 Came across this PDF randomly. It has a bunch of links that frankly I don't have the time now to check and winnow down. I know a few of these projects and even have a few friends who have donated to local campaigns in my area. Other's I can't vouch for. But so, this is my start into the world of charitable sewing...or as the author of this bit mentions, "creative kindness." The PDF is from Children's

I hail from the very crowded suburb of Washington, D.C. Fairfax, Virginia. There are so many things I dislike, being a country girl at heart...but there are so many things I love about living here. Culture, diversity, and access to so many crafty resources!! I can get good kimchee, that I didn't make, and terrific yarns near by. The American Sewing Guild has a northern Virginia chapter and a page of Service Projects. I've seen a couple of these around the Internet. The last project, sewing blankets, was posted this spring (2012). It would be great to sew something that benefits our local community.

The national American Sewing Guild has a 2010 list of sewing projects that benefit those in need. It is called the ASG Community Service List.  I haven't gone through these. Can't wait to though.


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