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Updated November 13, 2012

I am working with The Giving Heart of Richmond, Virginia to gather 200 sewn tote bags for their Thanksgiving Feast this year. Can you help me reach my goal?

Do you sew? Do you blog? Do you have friends who do either? I need your help to gather beautiful, useful totes for seniors, homeless, and families in need. Volunteers will fill these bags with donated toiletries and other living essentials and hand them out to guests at their Thanksgiving Feast.

Here are some ways you can help right now:
  • Sew a simple tote bag and send it. Find a list of tutorials here.
  • Get a friend to sew a tote and send it with yours. 
  • Tweet it, Facebook it, e-mail it. Get the word out that Abbie is gathering tote bags for Richmond, Virginia.
  • Send a tote bag you have on hand but don't need.
  • Send fabric supplies or sewing notions. Click here for our fabric and notions donation wish list.
  • If you have a few dollars please consider donating them to cover my postal costs or to buy materials to make tote bags. (Donations can be made out to Abbie Park or click below for Paypal donations.)
**UPDATE: Bags can be a standard grocery tote size. 13" H x 12"-17" W x 6"-8" D. That being said, please create a bag that is shaped and sized to be one you feel is beautiful. The men, women, seniors, young children and school-aged teens who receive these bags appreciate very different styles. I am positive that the gift of beauty your hands create will inspire change in the heart of the person who receives it.**

As you pack your tote bags to send please print out this inventory sheet, fill it out, and include it with your package.

All donations should be sent to:
Abbie Park
P.O. Box 11904
Burke, VA 22009

If you have any questions please contact me at abbieipark(at)gmail(dot)com.

A big thanks to the bloggers and businesses who are supporting me. If you'd like to see your logo here, please contact me at abbieipark(at)gmail(dot)com to help out.


Simone de Klerk said...

I just read about this on Mollie's blog and I am happy to help!
Isn't it possible to make a Paypal account for the donation? That is probably much easier and international readers can donate too!

JLVerde said...

What a great idea. I'm already making a bunch of bags for another project so I'm sure I can whip up a few additional to share with you.

RaeGun said...

what should they look like?

Lehcar Studio said...

What size should the tote bags be?

Leslie Andersen said...

Hi Abbie! I live nearby in Williamsburg, and I frequently drive in Richmond. I always carry "goodie bags" with a snack and a few dollars to give to those asking for help at the stop lights. I read about your tote bag collecion at Wild Olive, and I am excited to get sewing! I will use the morsbag pattern at; it is easy and big without being huge. I've made several before, and they are great!

Abbie said...

Good questions about tote bag size: see my update above!
Even though a standard grocery tote size is suggested, (13"H x 12"-17"W x 6"-8"D) please create a bag that you would love to receive. When you have so little, being gifted something made with care and love can be extraordinary.

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