What If...There Were 25 Hours in the Day?

Friday, August 31, 2012

What if....
The beginning of a series of articles about building a better world: starting with your street, my city, and communities around the globe.

What if...there were 25 hours in the day? 

What would we do in those extra moments? 
Imagine them to be daylight moments.
Imagine them to be free-from arduous chores, daily work and baby-chasing moments.

Free moments for...
     laughing and smiling
     feeling sad
     feeling lost
     going outdoors
     talking to a friend
     writing a blog post
     eating chocolate without guilt
     doing nothing

Imagine an extra hour in the day.

Would you think to add value to your life, or the life of someone else?

Imagine you would spend those moments adding value to the life of someone else.
What would you do for someone else?

Would you...
     give a hug
     send a hand-written note
     say a prayer for them
     donate a dollar to charity
     knit them a gift
     bake them brownies
     wrap up their present with the ribbon you've been saving for something special
     let them take your turn
     pay for their morning coffee...just 'cuz you don't know them
     open the door for them to pass through first
     look them in the eye and smile

Could you do any of these, or any more acts of kindness you can possibly think of in that extra hour in the day?

Do you deserve to be whole first?

Would you add value to your own life first because you feel stressed, harried and busy right now?

Can we add true value to the life of someone else if we ourselves don't perceive value in our own life first?

What if we are lacking in our life?
Would we give a gift that is also lacking?
Would it then be best to use those free moments to nurture our own spirit and soul?
To rest, to rejuvenate, to renew, and to settle?

Would adding value to the life of someone else's life make us feel happy and whole and therefore add hope, faith, and love to our life in the end? 

What are your thoughts? What would you do if there were 25 hours in the day?


Jody said...

Very thought provoking questions you ask in here...this looks like it will be a really good series.

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