Artistic phases

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Artists go through phases. They think through their medium. They express their feelings about the world and their lives in it as they know it at that moment. I believe this is what Little Miss is doing right now.

Each time we talk about her art, I find out a little bit more about her perspective and how her eyes see what surrounds her each moment of each day.

This figure is her "piggy," her "self-portrait," and her "friends." (And has been used to represent Santa, Ammy and Gramps, and a couple of other people.) This is her phase. This is her feelings about life.

Features have changed over time. The mouth used to be drawn below the chin. The mouth was always flat. No expression. Sometimes arms come out of the head, and there seems to be no body. And those long antennas, they are "pig-tails." And they kind of do look like the kind we put in her hair every morning.

How keen is that 3 year-old, almost 4 year-old artistic eye. I wonder what expression she will adopt next.


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