What If...Each One of Us Gave Just a Little Bit More?

Friday, September 14, 2012

What if each one of us gave just a little bit more?

If you were giving to a charity,
what if you...
     gave away one more quarter
     posted one more Tweet for support
     sewed one more bag
     knit one more baby bootie
     called one more person on the list

If you were giving to a friend,
what if you...
  prayed one more prayer for them
     called once more, just to listen
     sent one more note to say hello
     gave one more complement
     said one more thank you

If you were giving to your significant other,
what if you...
     exchanged a kiss for one second longer
     held hands for one moment longer
     said I love you one more time
     looked them in the eye one bit longer

If you were giving to a child,
what if you...
     read one more book
     listened to them one more minute
     painted one more picture side-by-side
     shared one more laugh
     gave one more hug

What if each one of us gave just a little bit more?
Something small.
Tried a little bit harder.
Labored just a little bit longer.
Without promise of return in this life. 
What would happen to us, to our world?
Would we change? How?

What would happen in the hearts and minds of the recipients?
Would a flame ignite underneath a fire of giving?

What would happen within the spirits of those around us?
Would each one grow into prolific and passionate givers?

What would happen to our communities and our planet if each one of us gave just a little bit more, each day.

What would happen to each one of us?
Would we become better people?
Would we become better disciples of Christ?
Would we become a better world?

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