Fairy Tea Party!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Party Color Palette

If you are four years old, or are going to be four, you might want a tea-party! Fashioned by this mama, it means, vintage linens, tiny tea-cups small enough for those dainty four-year-old fingers, fairy-wings and wands, and an extra special sweet menu.

If you are a mama out there with car-pooling issues, school activities, summer-camp director duties, and three other family birthdays to worry about all in the same week...you might ask, how? Take is slow. And start planning before Santa even thinks about venturing south of his polar abode.

A couple peeks. Here and more later. So that I can remember what I am planning since my "can't-think-because-7-month-old-is-teething-and-waking-during-the-night" brain isn't working well at the moment.

If you love it, if designing, creating, baking, and crafting is your passion, there is always time in the day, in the busy schedule to sneak in a bit of creativity.


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