Keep floating to the top

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Letting go is all that I seem to do these days. Let go of perfection. Let go of deadlines, and cleanliness. Let go of nerves, let go of dinner, and let go of me-time. Let go of self, let go of sleep. Power on, power in, and power up.

It is a balance I tell you. A balance, I hope to keep a journal of here. For me. And a bit for you. I am inspired by so much. I am turned off by even more. Perhaps in an ideal world that will turn around. I have so many dreams, wishes and desires. And I also have so many fears, anxieties, and feelings of doubt.

Maybe mulling them over. Keeping track of the good ones here on this blog is a good idea. You know, the ones that keep rising to the top of the pot, like pasta done cooking. I think those are bound to be the ones to keep close. To remember. To reflect upon. To tweak, and to make my own. That is life. Letting go. Examining closely. Picking carefully. And sometimes, not so carefully. And keeping the ones that keep floating to the top. Go with those and hopefully, we'll all get to that place we were always meant to be.
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