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Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Does there need to be anything more said than what is pictured above? Probably not, but here are a few of my words anyway.

I was working and working last week to put together a tutorial for the blog. It was unique pattern for this cool tank top on Anthropologie.com. Internet searches ensued about how to size sewing patterns. Old printer driver install disks were dusted off so I could scan in the pattern on a different computer. Double trips to that big box store that begins with the letter "W" to get just ONE thing each time! Bad, bad, bad light which makes not nice photos. And my model was trying to think about how she could get out of modeling altogether.

After hours and hours and hours of work...and just the final shot of the completed project left to take, and no sunlight in which to take it...I decided to put it all on hold. The post deadline had come and gone, twice. I had moved onto another impossible seeming project. And I started to not like that "hot tank top."

After weaving through the bad-photos of another Anthro-inspired tutorial gone "way-more-complicated-than-I-had-intended," I found myself digging in my home-improvement supply bin. Under dust masks, nail hole filler, vinyl letters, a mini crow-bar, and a laser leveler, I found these stone tiles. Instantly a small voice spoke to me and said, "dominoes!" How easy, how simple, and how, your own idea!

The lesson I learned this weekend was: make it your own. Create your own design. Trying to copy someone else takes so much time and energy. How did they do that? Is my re-creation as good as their original? And sometimes the results are frustratingly for not. Letting your spirit shine in all that you do and creating a life that is from your heart is perhaps the truest form of simple originality.

So on to the tile tutorial...


  • Stone tiles (I haven't a clue what kind these are since I got them so long ago.)
  • Enamel pen (mine is Pebeo brand Vitera 160 in Glossy Black.)
How To:
1. Draw away.
2. You can go here for a mathematical explanation of how many tiles to make and how many dots (or pips as they are called) to put on each. (Or you can just follow the picture on the page.)
3. Let dry according to pen's directions. Mine instructions said to air dry for 72 hours.



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