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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Sometimes the lightning bolt of inspiration comes crashing down in a flurry of pen to paper, thoughts scribbled and colors splashed down on the page all in a flash dash to empty the mind. 
Other times it is like waiting for it to rain. It looks like it might happen. It smells like it might start. It feels like it could begin to fall, but those darkened skies just hold out and will not shed a single drop. 

Sometimes, my inner artist is trying her hardest. Turning out ideas day and night. Most of them land on paper. Plans are made. Materials located are gathered together. Pieces printed, cut, ironed on, painted, sewn. And then the product is so ugly my inner human averts her eyes in detest. 

I used to think that was wasted failure. Now I think it is all progress. 
In the movie Finding Nemo, Dori the fish said, "Just keep swimming." I just keep going. I am learning to let go of the messy flops and move on. Remove the rubble and toss it. Purge my heart of disappointment, frustration and fear of failure. Lessons learned here people. You emerge from the dust one single step ahead. Another advancement along the path of life. The path that God meant you to follow, exactly. I am choosing to accept that "just right" path with my fabric shears in one hand, and paint brush and portfolio in the other. God is next to me, in me, and all around me. This journey is Him & me.

This can be a stencil. It can be a printable. It can be an iron on, if you want to flip it. Click here to get the PDF image. I'll be back after the long weekend with a brief print-on-fabric how-to.

I am also posting this one on the Stitch and Send Flickr Group here. If you are already sewing for the Stitch and Send, you can post your stitchery here too! If you aren't already participating, I'd so appreciate your help! I am collecting tote bags for charity and my goal is 200 by next month! Find out how you can help and more information here!

Oh, and while you are at it...here is another version...just for fun. (Note, I haven't fully refined it to be a stencil pattern...you'd have floaters...just cut out joined pieces to make this one a stencil. In the mean time, think, iron-on, or fabric printable.)

Have a wonderful Columbus Day weekend if you are here in the States! And a wonderful weekend besides if you are a bit further away!


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