35 Small Ways You Can Start Helping Others Today

Monday, October 1, 2012

Could I do one nice thing a day? Could I afford to? Could I even think of that many?

Would I be thanked? Would my thoughts and actions be recognized...or appreciated? Would I make even a tiny difference?

Would I be met with skepticism? Would I be met with rebuke? Would I be met with embarrassment? Would I be met with greed?

Would HE know what I was up to? Would HE smile? Or just think I was working some extra chits to get into Heaven? Would HE know what is in my heart? I think most certainly.
I believe actions speak louder than words.
I believe children learn from modeling.
I believe my spirit needs exercise in giving.
I believe it's a stretch for me to reach out.
I know I feel better having helped another.
Here are a few simple and not so simple ways, you might help someone else. If there are any more ways please add to the this list below. We can all work together, one tiny step at a time, to bring about a better world.
  1. Bring a morning mug of coffee or tea to a spouse.

  2. Give a child a hug.

  3. Rake leaves for a neighbor.

  4. Complement a co-worker.

  5. Bend down grab the newspaper off the curb and hand it to your elderly neighbor.

  6. Listen to what a child has to say, no matter how run-on it may be.

  7. Hold hands with your significant other.

  8. Give a favorite book to a senior.

  9. Pray to God and ask for His grace--for someone else.

  10. Pay for someone's Drive Thru meal who is in line behind you. (from WGTS's drive thru difference.)

  11. Babysit for a neighbor.

  12. Make a baked chicken dinner for a family with a very new newborn.

  13. Call a long distance relative or friend--just to listen.

  14. Send a hand-written note to a friend with a real stamp on it.

  15. Give a homeless individual a sandwich and juice. (A new friend of mine always has a ziploc baggie in her car stocked with a juice pouch, a package of crackers, a box of raisins and a few dollars, so she is always ready to reach her hand out to the poor.) 

  16. Let the father with a fussy toddler at the grocery store go ahead of you in line.

  17. Tip the waiter a little more, even if their service doesn't deserve it.

  18. Lend your book on CD to a friend with a long commute.

  19. Make a donation to the children selling lemonade, even if you don't care to drink any.

  20. Ask your boss how you can help.

  21. Read an extra book to a child at bed-time.

  22. Share your new sweater with your daughter. (and feel thankful she enjoys your fashion sense!)

  23. Say to someone, "I'm glad you are here." (from InCourage.)

  24. Offer an arm to lean on to the person who is struggling up the stairs.

  25. Smile sincerely to the mother with a fussy baby.

  26. Give the $5 Starbucks gift card you won in the office raffle to your child's teacher and say thank you to them for being such a positive influence in your little one's life.

  27. Break into your stash of pre-schooler artwork, crop a couple of pieces, add them to a multi-pose frame, insert a few photos of the kids, and send it off to far-away-relatives...just because.

  28. Say, "I am so sorry," to the person you've been thinking about.

  29. Bring out the trash for your spouse without saying anything.

  30. Leave an encouraging note on someone's blog page, facebook page, or send an email saying thank you for the time you spend inspiring others.

  31. Tweet about the loving words someone else wrote and how they moved your heart...in 140 characters or less of course.

  32. Let in the pushy person in front of you when you are all hopelessly locked in a never ending sea of traffic. (They might just need to get somewhere really quickly!)

  33. Pick up a piece of road-way trash on someone else's street or lawn.

  34. Say, "thank you! Have a nice weekend!" to the toll collector, cafeteria lady, secretary, custodial staff, postal worker, cashier, waiter, flight-attendant, cab driver, gas station attendant, dry-cleaner, mechanic, plummer, and the grocery shelf-stocker.

  35. Look outside of you...outside your head, your body, to the other humans around you who have feelings, beliefs, trials, and triumphs. Help them celebrate, grieve, elate, and sorrow in life and all that it has to offer. Give them companionship, assistance, support, and love. Gift them prayers and hope and show them Jesus Christ working in your heart to make this world a better world for us all.

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