Friday, February 3, 2012

1/28/12 collecting

It is always amazing to me how children need to collect and keep. What is it about things, little items, they find so appealing? Why is the number of objects important? Why is their origin not as important. I am sure there is a child psychologist who would be more than glad to shed some light on this topic for me. But for not having met that authority yet, I'll have to settle in wonderment.


We were out enjoying the warm air in late January with light jackets and sneakers. The lake out back affords lots of nature exploration, if you are keen on finding it. We ventured down the path and the kids started collecting rocks. Small ones, larger ones, dark ones, shiny ones, pink ones, clear ones, and everything in between. Pockets were used. These little harden bits came home with us. (In the interest of land preservation, we'll return them to their natural habitat soon.)

Upon stepping through the door, delighted, the kids yelled to daddy, who was in bed feeling ill, "look what we found!" I smiled at the fact that they thought their "finds" were incredibly novel. Gardeners and those donning summer sandals among others I imagine might believe rocks are an impediment, rather than a treasure to behold.

1/28/12 exploring

Later, I found some rocks in their beds...These little inanimate bits of nature need to go back to their natural resting places. Very soon.


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