Paper Roses

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

coffee filter rosesA

I remember seeing this Martha Stewart Show segment years ago. Sitting in my living room, with a baby and crafting fingers just itching to create...I said to myself, "I could do that." And so I did. Some years later. Learning all the way.

Making these beauties is a labor of love. Tracing, cutting, arranging, taping, painting, drying, painting again, curling, and shaping...all turns into a lovely product.

A little knowledge about paper crafts and water color painting is very helpful. My later specimens are much better than the earlier ones.

Not having the cash at this juncture to spend on fresh flowers for Little Miss' fairy garden tea party, this was the time investment that will have to do.

Oh, the craft tutorial is here.


Unknown said...

These are beautiful. If I didn't know they were paper, I would have sworn they were real.

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