Making Gifts for Him

Friday, February 17, 2012

35 gifts for 35 years. 24 ended up getting made, collected, and given forth to that special birthday husband. A couple of shots, of a couple of the gifts I made for my guy...

DSC_0342 DSC_0341
Sundae Toppings with handmade labels! (I added rainbow sprinkles to the sampler at the last moment.)

Homemade hot chocolate mix. From this recipe.

watercolor carrots
Watercolor drawing. Summer carrots anyone?

marble magnets
Marble magnets with more guy-prints. Super-duper easy to make. Tutorial here!

So, how did I give the gift of 24?

He took the day off from work. We were going to be running around quite a bit that day, dropping off to school, picking up from school, and making sewn swans at the other school before heading home to beat rush-hour traffic. I decided to space out the gifts and give them every 30 minutes or so. I organized the gifts in a chronological order that made sense. Giving him a pocket knife at school while sewing felt swans isn't practical. And then I hid them all in locations where I could pull them out and give them at the appropriate time. And then...I programmed them all into my smart phone. When, where, what, and who. (Well, the who was all the same person really.)

It was about 11:30 AM and we were on gift number 10 before he figured out what that "alarm" was all about.

He was surprised. Delighted. And so, it was a success.


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